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​In addition to our folder gluer machines, sheet laminators and specialty machines, we carry a wide variety of die cutters and foil stampers. Should you seek entry level diecutters for short runs and quick turnaound, Heidelberg and Kluge machines remain popular at modest investment and to handle sheet sizes less than 28 x 40". When the larger sheets require diecutting, early models of Bobst and Iijima perform to 4500 sheets/hour while offering waste stripping as well. Speeds to 7500 sheets/hour and shortest makereadies are seen with younger used die cutters offered since 1978.  

Most diecutters can be equipped for hot stamping and embossing. Again, sheet sizes from 14 x 22" and larger are common depending on run lengths. Popular names include Kluge, Gietz, Thomson and Imperia for shorter runs. Brausse, Bobst, Eagle, Gietz, and SBL offer multiple heating zones and greater impressionable strengths in 28 x 40" and larger sheet sizes. 

The Finisher's Exchange is particularly experienced to assist you in choosing your next hot foil stamper/embossing press or die cutter and can coach you to best fit your specifications and budget.

Used Die Cutters

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Available Used Die Cutters and Foil Stampers

  • NEW Sanwa 2008 TRP1060-SV-AXIA. Only 9,700 hours of use; max sheet is 29.125 x 41.75”. Rated to 8000 sheets per hour; 330 US tons of impressional strength; ultra light nicking

  • 2007 Brausse; max sheet size 29.5 x 1.3"; Impressional strength to 330 US tons; rated to 7500 s/h; thin plate system; 2 cutting chases; non-stop feeder and delivery.  

  • 1987 Bobst SP-102-E with 1997 Eagle foiling system ; two cutting chases and plates, hot stamping pre-makeready system, impressional strength to 275 tons, speeds to 7,500 sheets/hr.

  • 1979 Bobst SP126-E with B-flute and carton stock abilities; reconditioned 2012; 550 US tons impressional strength; max sheet 36 1/4" x 49 1/2: production to 5500 sheets/hr.

Featured Machine:

  • 1995 Bobst SP102-ER blanker with centerline system; 
          Thin plate system; operates to 7500 sheets/hour; many  

  • 1966 Bobst SP1260-E with Eagle hot stamping option; 550 US tons of impressional strength for maximum embossing; operating speeds to 5000/hr; maximum sheet size to 36 1/4 x 49 1/2",; min sheet to 13 3/4 x 19 3/4"; complete specs and footprint on hand.

  • 1975 Bobst SP1120-E; max sheet 31 1/2 x 44 1/8"; rated to 7000 s/h; impressional strength to 330 US tons; 200 stripping pins; 30 stripping bars; 4 stripping chases; diecutting chase and cutting plate; running, for demonstrations.

  • 1995 Bobst SP103-E with 275 Us tons impressional strength, rated to 8000 s/h, thin plate system, QL stripper, 35,370 operational hours.

  • Bobst SPO1575EEG Die cutter/stripper for corrugated

  • 1992 SP102-E is rated to 7500/hour, 28 x 40" sheet size, 3 cutting chases and plates; 3 stripping frames; 18,500 operating hours.​

  • PMC high die cutter for trays, etc. series H-85; serial number H-117-C.  Capable of handling a 7 x 7 blank.

  • ​ 2000 Sanwa with chase lifter; store 5 jobs in chases for quick changeover to repeat jobs.. Max sheet to 29 1/8 x 41 3/4"; min sheet to 11 1/2 x 15"..Production to 7500 s/h; exceptionally smooth sheet transport with minimal nicking. Complete specs and DVDs available.

  • 1970 Heidelberg cylinder machine set for .918 and .937 rule. In excellent condition; powered. Excellent for first die cutter before advancing to 40" automatic platen machine..​