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​As the previous Heiber and Schroeder agent that launched advanced window patching technology with hundreds of machines sold in the North American region, our knowledge in window patching and gluing is extensive. From three-shift mass volume folding carton companies to small finishing independents, we have the knowledge base to best assist you with your window machine search request.

Do you have a window machine for sale? Please contact us with your details. 

Available used window machines:

  • 1992 Heiber and Schroeder Window machine WP1100-D, two lanes, three around, 10,000 
          revs/hour speed potential. Handle applicator device. Vacuum timed feeder. Specs and                   DVD's available.

  • 2006 H&S WPS1100 - 2 lane, 3 around capability with "film slitting option" typical of tissue applications. Able to operate to 12,000 cycles/hour, estimate 1-on to 6000/7500 pcs/hr.; 4-on to 20,000-25,000 pcs/hr. The max blank is 31.5 x 43.25”; 2 around to a max 14.5” 3 around to a max 9”.

  • 1960's Staude 37 x 41" with combing feeder running daily. Two lane capability.

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